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Detailed Prints​

Prints clearly legible
• Multiple views shown (3D if possible)
• Careful dimensioning and tolerancing provided
• Material specified
• Finish specified (if desired)
• Part numbers assigned to parts
• Revision history shown
• Part function clearly described
• Has CAD format file been supplied?
• Does CAD file match dimensioned print?

We work with and read files created in most major software platforms. The fastest way to get to production parts is by delivering detailed 2D drawings of your design along with detailed material specifications. This will provide the fastest, most direct path to a meaningful project discussion and production plan.

Here are some tips you should consider when creating and sharing drawings with machinists.

Design Issues

Inside corners rounded to take into account               diameters
• Depth of pockets not excessive for endmill length
• Deep pockets with small inside radii avoided
• Holes not tapped too deep
• Clearances provided for spindle and tools
• Parts are easy to fixture
• Setups minimized

• Group parts in similar families

​• Maximize volumes for per-unit cost reduction


Other details to consider - group parts in similar families and maximize volumes for per-unit cost reduction.

Our quotation process includes a complete print review and a material, tooling and machine process analysis. Once we achieve a basic understanding of the part and processes required to create it, we always enter into a dialogue with the customer in order to deliver a detailed quotation.


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